1. Capture card : EyesPro / MP5000 /NV3000 / NV5000 / NV6000E / NV7000H / NV9000E

  2. Standalone : EB1304NET

    • Firmware for EB1304NET (IDE) *VA2.02.38 for EB1304NET*

    • Firmware for EB1304NET(SATA) *S3. for EB1304NET SATA*

      Steps for EB1304NET Firmware Upgrade:
      1. Extract USB Upgrade.zip
      2. Save all 3 files into pendrive
      3. Turn OFF DVR
      4. Insert pendrive onto DVR
      5. Turn ON DVR. DVR will start to upgrade automatically. User DO NOT need to press any button.
      6. When Status achieve 100%, please remove pendrive from DVR.
      7. Then, reboot/restart DVR. Upgrade has been done successfully.

    • EB1304NET SATA User Manual *Manual for EB1304NET (IDE)*

    • USB Playback Console *USB Playback software for EB1304NET IDE/SATA) V7.5.0.45*

    • AVFPlayback *AVFPlayback for EB1304NET USB backup*

    • USB Playback Console *USB Playback software for EB1304MPEG/EB1304MD series DVR V7.5.0.19*

  3. Hybrid DVR : EH1000H-4 Nano / EH5216 / IWH3216

  4. CMS Software for AverDigi Products : EB1304NET and NV series capture cards

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