Qtron's MaxiBAS is a brilliant smart home system, controlling air conditioners, lightning and security alarm systems or any household appliances through mobile phone, PC or keypad. That's why Qtron's MaxiBAS gives you home control in the palm of your hand.

Qtron's MaxiBAS features

  1. 16 zones expandable to 64 zones
  2. Capability of dividing a security system into 32 partitions
  3. Able to store up to 192 user passwords (PIN) in the system
  4. Reporting to 16 common telephones numbers with messages from synthesizer (Up to 16 messages)
  5. Possibility of timing control by using 64 timers, which can be pre-programmed for weekly schedule of work and for specifies periods of exceptions.
  6. Partition has its own timer (daily or weekly) programmed by users, ensuring automatic arming and disarming.
  7. High capacity event buffer (6000 events) in which, in addition to monitored events
  8. Additional functions of RS232 ports which allowed PC monitoring and system configurations
  9. Remote Monitor
    • With map of real site (bmp file) to monitor the status of the system
    • Controllable with virtual keypad
  10. User phone of PC to activate/deactivate air condition, lighting, security and home appliances
  11. Compatible with proximity card readers that allow flexible configurations
  12. CMS ready (Contact ID, Silent Knight, Radionix, & etc) with 2 stations number programmable
  13. Allow integration of additional panel which includes:
    • Partition keypad
    • Coded lock/Access keypad
    • LCD messages keypad
    • Synoptic board for visual information on the status of 64 inputs and 32 zones of alarm system
    • Sub-control panel module
    • Outputs module
    • Outputs module with power supply
    • Inputs module
    • Inputs module with power supply
    • Proximity card reader
    • Voice synthesizer expander
    • GSM module

Qtron's MiniBAS is a unique smart home experience, controlling air conditioners, lighting and security alarm systems or any house hold appliances through mobile phone or keypad. That's why Qtron's MiniBAS gives you home control in palm of your hand.

Home Appliance Control

  • Real time clock function
  • Control turn ON/OFF air-conditioners, lights, security alarm system, or any household appliances through phone or control keypad
  • Enable checking ON/OFF status of control items by phone or keypad
  • Programmable output turn ON when the alarm trigger for every zone

Security Alarm System
  • 9 fully programmable zones
  • 3 panic keys (Emergency/Fire/Panic)
  • Supports up to 4 user keypads
  • Real time ARM/DISARM timer
  • Programmable exit/entry delay time
  • Adjustable zone response sensitivity
  • 7 user PIN & 1 guest PIN
  • Key switch function
  • Duress code
  • CMS Contact ID reporting ready
  • Long distance Arm/Disarm via touch tone telephone