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C & K's expanding line of digital control/communicators now includes 6, 8 and 16-zone panels. each panel is remotely programmable, designed for easy installation. They are equipped with innovative, high powered features, dual, split and back-up reporting; support of all major reporting formats; Alpha and LEF keypad compantibility; protection against unauthorized use and programming; multi-stage lightning protectionl first-time installer programming; etc...


  • Fully programmable loops
  • Watchdog reset
  • Guest Combination
  • Door chime
  • Failed-to-communicate
  • Pirate-Guard™
  • Dual, split, or back-up reporting
  • Non-volatile EEPROM program memory
  • Reports in all major formats: including CFSK III, Ademco 4/9 DTMF, 4 + 2 Sumcheck and 3/1 Extended, 4/2, and Sumcheck
  • Answering machine intercept: specially programmed call sequence allows System 2300 series control/communicator to bypass most answering machines
  • Uses with C & K's COMMANDER II software, you can remotely program and control the control/communicator