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The CASTLE family of intelligent microprocessor based card access and security system have been designed with the end-user in mind. As Castle research & development (R&D) team have years of experience in designing and implementing card access based security control systems. Castle can offers valued customers sophisticated products which can keep up with the ever changing technology. Thus eliminating potential end-user problems in understanding and using the system, be it in development of microcontroller design and card technologies like magnetic card, contactless smart card, bar-code, wigand and proximity.

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Castle also strive to continue to improve the quality and features of our products according to the imminent requirements at competitive prices yet maintaining our high standard. To date, we have new releases like touch access readers with metal keypad and upgrades to our previous personal computer interface units, enabling them to control 64 controllers, which is equivalent to 1024 doors. The most important strength of our product is, its user-friendliness and the secured casing which are all housed in sturdy metal casing coated with epoxy to avoid vandalism of our machines.

CAMS System Configuration

Complemented by easy to use guides and on-site tranning, castle total solution to your security needs extends to qualify post sale services - an extremely importanat point of consideration when selecting vendors of card access and security products.