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Stand Alone Door Access Control
Specification and features:

  • Housed in sturdy metal casing coasted with epoxy to prevent vandalism
  • 12 keys keypad
  • 3 LEDs for valid, error and ready status indication
  • One relay output (relay contact) for door lock system
  • Door sensor input and exit button
  • Door lock release button
  • Door force open and door left open trigger reader buzzer
  • Adjustable buzzer volume
  • User definable 6 digits Master Pin for Programming Mode
  • User definable door open time and lock release time
    (Lock release time 0-15 second, door open time 0-30 second)
  • Power supply 12V DC @ 500mA/230V
  • Optional alarm features (CAS-KSMA, CAS-KSPA & CAS-SKA)
    - 1 Alarm Zone input
    - 1 Temper Switch input
    - 1 Alarm Output 5A relay
    - Alarm arming/disarming control by 4 digits password
    - Alarm arming and disarming indication

CASTLE S-Series Access Control System

Control up to maximum of 128 doors per bus

Castle 4T