A security alarm system is a necessity. For our living-in to compliment the comfort we want, some form of control over our security must be established. For this reason, the right security system must be sourced. What will then be a good system that will compliment me in my own home, office, etc? Any security that is good must be founded on the 3E Principle. What is the 3E Principle?

This must be found firstly in any good security system. Over installing a system often proves to produce false alarms that in turn unnecessary fears, anxiety, inconvenience and so forth. On the other hand, it may prove to be also more costly to install. Under installing is never good either. It is like installing doors without locks!

A good security being firstly Essentially installed, must also prove to be EFFECTIVE. An effective alarm is the 2nd E. How many times have we heard of people being burglarized despite having an alarm system? Why? Because the 2nd E doesnt exist in their system.

Being economical does not mean that we install the cheapest form of system available. Neither will it help if we fashion it with the most exclusive and sophisticated equipment. It is the matter of doing it right the first time!

How then can we get a 3E Principle Security System? The answer is in the 3E FACTOR ALARM SYSTEM. These 3Es compliment the 3E Principle without any compromise.

An expert is whom we need in the field to produce the right kind of security system. The expert will be the one who knows the needs of the owner in any given area. The owner must be explained on the weaknesses on the subject of the security over his or her property. Then practical designing and proposals are to be carried out but visualizing it by putting himself in the owners shoes. In summary, the expert must know his job well enough to do it right the first time. He covers the3E Principle with good advice, design and proposal which are practical.

Right equipments for the right job. Without proper equipments, even the experts is left hanging in the air. A company with a source of a wide range of equipment matters. Different names have different needs. Different equipments caters to different features for different applications and different applications and different applications to different needs. (Our company have obtained certification from 5 manufacturers of renown security equipments to handle their products).

Together with the expertise and equipments, experienced installers produces the final touch for anyone to get a good system. (Our installers are permanent staffs of the company handpicked, screened, cultured and trained to lift up the banner of the company by displaying of standard works)